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Orobouros.net started off as a private gallery I ran on my desktop computer for my personal ease of access. I'd been attending various scifi and anime conventions since 1994 and wanted to document all the fun I had and people I met. As the number of photos grew I set up better and better websites, currently running the piwigo photo gallery system.

My focus has been on mid-Atlantic conventions since they're close to where I live, but I always relish the opportunity to travel for conventions and see what they're like in other parts of the country and the world. I've also been a staff photographer at Anime USA and Anime Boston at various times.

This website is run out of my own pocket as a way to document the history of conevntions and cosplay. Though I maintain copyright over all photos I'm generally happy to let them be used so long as not for any disparaging or degrading purposes.